It’s a previously held belief that there are no better stories than the ones told from experience! Here are some of the feedback I have recieved over the years from my clients and friends.

Sara Smith

NCAA Athlete

My husband an I have known Dave for over 8 years now.

Being a NCAA athlete, I have always trained hard...

After I had my two children, I had a hard time getting back to the way I wanted to look. That's where Dave came in.

I met him at the gym he was working at the time, and he signed me up for a training package. Within weeks, I was getting pushed beyond where I have gone before, lifting the RIGHT ways and building my body back to being more in shape and stronger than I have ever been.

Even beyond Dave's in-depth knowledge for physical training was the nutrition aspect. This is where I benefited the most, suffering from an immune deficiency, Dave really helped guide me to a healthier diet that worked for my body and helped me achieve my goals without the aches and pains. I had been suffering from the foods I had been eating, before I started with Dave.

I have gone on to maintain my body and health for seven years now, and have placed top three in numerous fitness competitions... Even more important than that, I have been able to get my husband and kids healthier with the nutritional teachings and guidance I recieved from Dave...

Anyone is lucky to have Dave Coutts!

Adam Raymer

Lost 23 lbs in 2.5 months

"I met Dave while working at Goodlife Fitness in Ajax. We went to the same high school so it was easy to gain an instant connection. Dave has always inspired me as a role model in healthy lifestyle and fitness."

After moving on from Goodlife and training with Dave, I truly realized how much I did not know. He pushes you hard, but educates you on the process so you understand how to apply to yourself. My results were better than I thought I was going to do. It was the first time I actually stuck to an entire healthy lifestyle and felt great.

I lost a ton of weight and had the smallest waist I have had since I can remember. I achieved my goal. Dave inspires and perfects what he does. Training with him is a privilege. I wish I lived closer so I could follow him for a crazy workout!


70 years old, olympic weight lifting

Worked with Coutts for 7 years

I was referred by my doctor to David Coutts 5 years ago at age 63. My flexibility was a problem and the prognosis was unacceptable.

At University I lifted weights from 1969 – 1971 Monday to Friday. I had no training; so despite being powerful, my lifts generally were unimpressive. After University I bicycled 1,500 miles in Europe and upon my return start running, generally 40 miles a week, for 35 years. During the late 1980s and early 1990s my wife and I hiked the entire Bruce Trail. The difference between being a weightlifter and runner was 60 pounds.

I soon learned when I started with David that he is expert in nutrition, bodybuilding, weightlifting, athletic training and holistic living. His advice constantly is sought by his fellow trainers as his deep background in all facets of training is valued. He has given me wonderful diet tips which I have incorporated and have communicated to my friends and clients.

I decided that to improve my flexibility and all around general fitness that I wanted to go back to my first love, Olympic lifting. My limited exposure to Olympic lifting 40 years ago was while at university and without coaching.

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I set a modest goal: being able to do a properly full squat snatch with the 45 lb. bar. This would challenge my flexibility, balance and coordination. A secondary goal was provided by my doctor who told me when I was 63 that if I could maintain my muscularity to age 70 ‘you will have done an incredible job.’

From age 63 I have increased my strength and more important, have much improved flexibility. As a result of my strength improvement over 5 years, I have ‘upped’ that goal from age 70 to age 80.

David started by rebuilding my legs (my wife and Doctor noted the change in appearance within a year) as well as other areas requiring work. My legs suffered from 35 years of running. The inside muscles were weak and the outside muscles were very strong causing severe balance issues.

I now train for Olympic lifting with David 3 days a week. On Sundays I do other exercises and stretching at Goodlife.

I noticed 8 years ago that many of high school classmates shuffled, had difficulty getting up from chair or climbing stairs. Many complained of stiff feet and joints in the mornings.

I started experiencing stiff joints as a middle aged runner. I would not bend at the knees to pick things up. This is no longer the case.

Thanks to my training, my joints are not stiff or painful in the morning no matter how intense I worked out the previous day. This has been a surprise as I take no supplements for my joints as do many of my friends.

I have experienced increasing strength, flexibility, balance and do Olympic lifting ‘full time’. The icing on the cake was my wife telling me two months ago that I walk like a 40 year old.

If you are dedicated and train with the best, you will experience the satisfaction that comes as you work towards and achieve your goals and then set them higher.

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Raymond Tjernstrom

Lost 15 lbs and dramatically improved back pain

David Coutts is by far the best physical trainer I have had to pleasure to work with. I came to David with chronic back pain from an injury that is constantly aggravated by my sedentary work life. I also always had a bit of a sweet tooth that prevented me from attaining my goals. He taught me how to manage that pain, increase my overall strength and increase my flexibility. He also taught me eating habits to curb my sweet tooth which helped me reduce fat and improve muscle tone.

David is professional, knowledgeable and never relies on fad workouts. He custom trains you based on your own strengths and weaknesses. He always makes sure that you stay on track and that you are always improving based on your goals.

Bill Su

44 years old | Lost 25lbs in 3 months,

Lowered blood sugar to 5.4

Worked with Coutts for 6 months

This letter is not only for "stories of success", but rather, I would like to share my experience with Goodlife members and hope it will help them successfully reach their goals.

I am a 44 years old man. Two years ago, my family doctor told me that my blood sugar was in a critical point, and exercises would help me to low it down. Also, I felt that my physical condition was going down, especially when I turned into my 40's. I had back pain at least twice a year, always needed a nap after lunch and dinner because of lack of energy. Finally, I decided that I would make some changes.

I went to the gym and started my own exercise in March, 2009. Initially, I got injuries twice only because of running on the treadmill, one was on my ankle, one was on my knee. Even through I worked very hard, nothing improved much, my weight was the same as before, and I still wanted a nap after taking meals.

When I almost gave up my exercise plan, I met Dave, a very experience and knowledgeable personal trainer in the gym. I was told that fitness is not only about exercise, but also mainly about someone's life style. After he evaluated my physical conditions, he was very confident that I could successfully reach my goals in 50 courses if I follow his instructions.

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We had set up a training plan: three times a week under his instructions, plus at least twice a week on my own. After only two weeks, I was surprised to notice that my weight started losing. Then, he coached me to change my living style, from menu to sleeping schedule. After 50 courses, I have lost total of 25 lbs in weight, quit smoking, 3 inches smaller on my waist, increased my strength at least 30%, lowered my blood sugar to 5.4 (compare to 5.8 five month ago), and no more back pains. All of these have exceeded my expectation.

If someone really wants to make some good changes, the following is my advice:

  1. Get coaching from a professional, because it is not only about exercise but also about the way of you living;
  2. Be protected by a professional, because you need to reach your limit, and this could only be done if you work with someone who knows how to protect you;
  3. Follow the instructions of your coach. Stay with your plan; believe yourself and your instructor;
  4. Eat right. This will dramatically decrease recover time from last training, and keep your energy even;

I truly believe that going to the gym, and being trained by a personal trainer is my best investment in my life, and is one of the most important decisions I ever made. I will keep exercising by myself for the next few months, set up my next goal, and reach it under Dave's instruction.

Again, I really appreciate my instructor Dave, and hope to work with him again.

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