I have been a personal trainer in Toronto, Ontario for over a decade. It has always been a dream of mine to reach others, give back, entertain, and most importantly: to educate and spread light in the ever-confusing “health” industry.

After becoming hooked on going to the gym as a teenager, I decided to make it my career. I studied Fitness and Lifestyle Management and Kinesiology at George Brown College. Thereafter, I started working in recreational centers, public gyms, athletic conditioning centers and dedicated many years to private health care. My passion for fitness is something I harness and give back to all my clients over the years. My passion for nutrition and cooking has helped my clients’ health as well as my own, and has been a key component to permanent health gains.

A part of my journey that heavily influenced me involved several serious injuries: lower back surgery, sciatica nerve pain -- all of which required a lot of medication. I had to rebuild not only my body, but my gut and my energy functions. These struggles are one of many that have allowed me to become an extremely health-focused trainer.

I am well-versed in skills such as body fat analysis, hormonal function, and strength and conditioning. I work in part on Assessment & Corrections with The Elite Coaching Academy, where we teach people how to relieve pain and establish mental strength to take on the world.


    FLMP - Fitness and Lifestyle Management College
    PICP Level 2 - Strength and Conditioning Coach
    PIMST - Instant muscular strength techniques
    FMS- Functional Movement Screen
    BIOSIG 2 - Body fat and Hormonal Analysis
    CSEP CPT- Canadian society of exercise physiology Trainer
    FST- Stretch Basics for training
    DTS- Darby Training Systems
    DTS - Olympic Lifting Fundamentals
    ECA Level 2 - Exercise therapy

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Work & Education


George Brown College - Fitness and Lifestyle Management

Attended as a full-time student. Classes included anatomy, program design, nutrition, biomechanics and physical assessments.


City of Toronto Parks And Recreation - Fitness Centre

Tasks involved managing the gym floor at the fitness centre, as well as performing full health assessments on members.


Extreme Fitness - Personal Trainer

Full and part time personal training, on floor workouts with clients, initial client health assessments.


Dynamic Conditioning Centre - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Full time Strength & Conditioning Coach, taught obstacle course classes, maintained athletic conditioning. Exercises involved: flipping tires, climbing ropes, dragging sleds, plyometrics. MMA conditioning.


Goodlife Fitness - Personal Trainer

Full time training in a large facility, bootcamp instructor. Performed health assessments and organized program design along with lifestyle coaching.


Medcan Fitness - Personal Trainer

A full-time personal trainer, well adapted to fitness assessments, exercise therapy and training busy executives.


The Elite Coaching Academy - Exercise Therapy

Assistant course instructor teaching other personal trainers and therapists exercise therapy protocols.