...and I've been a personal trainer in Toronto, Canada for over a decade. My goal is to get you to your peak physical and mental state, with personalized coaching, workouts, and meal plans.


Everyone’s biology is unique.

Looking to lose fat? Fix back pain? Gain muscle? Or how about all of the above?

Everyone's body is different, which is why I don’t do cookie-cutter workouts or meal plans. Working with me will allow you to access a custom regime based off your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Using extensive assessments and corrections, full lifestyle audits and proper program design, we can work together to create a thorough and complete fitness plan. specific to your wants and needs.

Making bold decisions to change your lifestyle is no small task. Let’s get started today.

More About Me


Forget about what you heard, it’s never going to be a quick fix. It takes time to lose weight, gain muscle, or rehab an injury. I focus on what matters most - long term results and a lifestyle that you can maintain without fad diets.

Full Ranges Of Motion

The first key of working out isn’t how much you can lift, but how safely you can keep at it. Let’s focus on the motions of strength training so that you can improve your strength without getting hurt.

Healthy (Delicious) Meals

No one wants to be eating chicken and broccoli everyday! Let’s personalize your meal plans and work together on healthy and delicious recipes without cutting out everything you need to be satiated.

Mental Toughness

The key to getting things done is getting started. Work with me on your physical AND mental strength so you can achieve your short term goals while striving for long term goals.

Lean Muscle & Fat Loss

Whether it’s building arms, leaning your butt, or developing good habits, we can get there together. Let’s reach your goals today by contacting me.


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I am currently accepting new clients, and offering free full consultations - including body fat and functional assessments. Use the form below to message me regarding any questions, feedback or if you would like to schedule in an appointment with me. I currently work in the downtown Toronto area.

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